Operations Bridge

The first containerized, service-oriented autonomous monitoring solution for Hybrid IT

Automated AIOps for the digital enterprise

With Operations Bridge, autonomous AI Operations starts monitoring resources automatically to assure minimal downtime. Using AIOps, incoming data is analyzed, alerting you to potential trouble and remediating - before impacting business.

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Hybrid IT monitoring

Dynamically discover your services and dependant resources, activate rich domain specific agent and agentless monitoring of on-premise, private and public cloud IT environments

Application performance analytics monitoring

Assure the health of any cloud, XaaS, or on-premise service, by automatically determining which weak link is impacting the business, keeping to your SLAs, optimizing resource costs.

Consolidation and noise reduction

200+ integrations of your tools so no rip and replace, results in a consolidated end-to-end view of your environment. Extract the signal from the noise to focus your operations on root cause not symptoms.

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AIOps analytics

50+ patents drive automated Big Data based AIOps with machine learning, anomaly detection, and predictive analytics using all data types events, topology, metrics, and logs with no configuration required.

Process automation and robotics

ChatBots and 8,000+ runbooks, including out-of-the-box integrations to popular ITSM tools, accelerate and robotize automation of tasks for remedial actions and recovery procedures.

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Dashboarding and reporting

Business Value Dashboards show real time status of business and IT streamed data on popular devices. Operators gain fast, interactive, historical analysis of hundreds of metrics from our extensive KPI library.

Gartner’s Market guide for AIOps platforms

Micro Focus (formerly HPE Software) Operations Bridge is a representative vendor in Gartner’s Market guide for AIOPs platforms.


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