Operations Bridge

The first containerized, service-oriented autonomous monitoring solution for Hybrid IT

Autonomous operations through a business lens

Operations Bridge is the industry’s first containerized IT operations monitoring solution and the only one to provide consolidation of all data types. With big data analytics, root cause is found 70x faster, MTTR is reduced by 50%, reducing costs across hybrid IT environments.

Containerized and automated IT operations

Containerization provides fast time to value, auto-scaling, online patching, and highly automated IT operations monitoring. Deployment is flexible in public and private cloud, or monitoring as a service.

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Visualize IT operations through a business lens

Business Value Dashboards visualize the real time status of KPI, operational, and streaming data sources. Our Performance Dashboard provides analysis and graphing of hundreds of underlying operational metrics.

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Automated discovery and monitoring

With automated discovery and monitoring, Operations Bridge consolidates and organizes your data in a dynamically updated model of infrastructure and services, tracking changes, and visualizing impact.

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Measure cloud service, SaaS, app impact on business

Monitor cloud services, SaaS application performance, determine which weak link is impacting the business, keep to your SLAs, measure & optimize resource costs.

Analyze all your IT and business data

Automate machine learning, anomaly detection, and predictive analytics of events, topology, metrics, and logs with no configuration required. Big Data analytics with 50+ patents to consume real time streaming.

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Automated remediation

With 5,000+ runbooks, including out-of-the-box integrations to popular IT service management tools, Operations Bridge accelerates automation of tasks such as remedial actions and recovery procedures.

Gartner’s Market guide for AIOps platforms

Micro Focus (formerly HPE) Operations Bridge is a representative vendor in Gartner’s Market guide for AIOPs platforms.


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