Mobile Center

Mobile Testing

Micro Focus Mobile Center provides an end-to-end quality lab of real devices and emulators to help you build a memorable app experience.

Certificate 1
Lab management

Create and manage device groups and access permissions, schedule device reservations, get full control over a device, including system apps and remote restarts. Record and replay interactions, events and gestures on any app on any device or emulators.

Window 2
Structured manual testing

Unleash tester’s creativity by exploring the app with a user mindset, seamlessly report back on the defects, provide feedback on the design, and later convert your manual mobile testing into automated testing.

Test automation

Micro Focus UFT or LeanFT increases mobile automated testing coverage and speed with object-based automation, easy maintenance and smart reports. Amplify your Selenium and Appium framework with enterprise-grade features.

Mobile 3
Mobile performance optimization

Get an accurate picture of the end-to-end mobile performance. Combine virtual users and real devices, run simple, elastic, and realistic tests from multiple geographies across various real-world network conditions.

Shield 6
End-to-end mobile security

Assess the security of your source code, binaries and your mobile app itself to find vulnerabilities across the three tiers: client, network and server.

Live monitoring

Proactively monitor your app from multiple geographies on real device to identify issues before customers see them. Leverage in-app analytics with actionable insights to improve your test effectiveness.


Redefine the mobile experience now

Why wait? Try Mobile Center, and take advantage of a predictable and repeatable mechanism for testing, monitoring, and improving your mobile apps throughout its lifecycle.

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