Text, Video, Image and Speech Data Analytics

Realize the value of your data with automated, real-time, comprehensive analytics by a single cognitive platform.

Harness virtually any data

With connectors for 150+ sources and support for over 1000 data types, you can access virtually any data inside and outside your firewall, and index data without relocation or disruption.

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Advanced analytics for text, video, image and audio in one platform

Get the actionable insights by unlocking patterns, trends, and relationships from any unstructured data by using the latest innovations in machine learning and Deep Neural Networks.

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Enterprise grade security

Make sure the right data gets to the right people. Preserve and stay up-to-date on security entitlements without compromising performance by using strong data access protection.

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Out-of-the-box visualization

Accelerate productivity with an intuitive and customizable user interface to explore core analytics. Or, leverage easy integration and bring powerful analytics to your application of choice.

Virtual assistant for automated information services

Increase productivity with natural language based search and knowledge discovery. Support for diverse responses such as FAQ-type answers, facts and conceptually relevant passage extraction.

Personalized knowledge discovery

Unlock patterns, trends, and relationships, and personalize knowledge delivery based upon user profiles and actions by using the latest innovations in machine learning and Deep Neural Networks.

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