IT Operations Management

Hybrid Cloud Management

DevOps driven, multi-cloud management and orchestration

Design, deliver and manage a full spectrum of hybrid environments on any cloud, container or infrastructure

Beyond just a cloud management platform, Hybrid Cloud Management (HCM) is a DevOps-driven, self-service solution to accelerate application and infrastructure delivery. Design, deploy, and manage IT services across any cloud, container, or infrastructure.

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Cloud brokering and governance

Publish public cloud offerings with just a few clicks and control usage with quota management. Aggregate and broker hybrid cloud services to end-users and gain visibility into costs.

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Self-service hybrid IT delivery

Provide a self-service portal for delivering hybrid and multi-cloud services, and simplify catalog offerings with attribute-based options. Add ChatOps to your user experience.

Cloud-agnostic service designs

Create reusable service templates that you design once and run anywhere. Integrate with any cloud, container, or infrastructure.

End-to-end IT process orchestration

Automate IT processes with a proven, enterprise-grade orchestration capability. Comprehensive out-of-the-box content includes database, middleware, for PaaS/XaaS support.

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Continuous delivery and deployment

Accelerate DevOps with on-demand consumption of services from a release pipeline that features customizable and automated stage gates.

Container-based architecture

Pre-integrated containers and micro services enable you to install, scale, and upgrade in minutes.

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Less time to satisfy development resource requests. (IDC)
Less time to meet an IT resource request. (IDC)
Higher productivity for fulfillment teams. (IDC)

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