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eBook: Big Data Protection with Data-Centric Security

Download our new eBook to learn how enterprises are addressing data protection challenges, to effectively leverage big data for insights. How traditional IT security can’t protect or scale with big data. And how Data-Centric security can protect big data in Hadoop and Hybrid IT.

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eBook: Big Data Protection with Data-Centric Security
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Sensitive data protection

Protects sensitive data in Big Data and IoT ecosystems end-to-end, from connected devices to mobile applications to the back-end.

Block based replication
Hadoop Security

Protects data in Hadoop and IoT with integrations for Apache® NiFi, Sqoop, Hive, Storm/Kafka, MapReduce and others.

Lock key
Enable analytics security

Secure analytics - ensures data is usable for most analytics, applications and processes in its protected state.

Shield 6
Data Privacy

Enables data privacy compliance to regulations such as the GDPR.

Encryption and pseudonymization

Innovative, format-preserving encryption, tokenization, and data masking techniques.

Retina scan
Multi-platform support

SecureData protects data at scale in big data platforms including Vertica, Teradata, Hadoop, and others.

Securing data across industries

Explore the use of data analytics to save costs in this video.

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