Data Protection


Operational intelligence
Operational intelligence

Balance resources and identify and resolve potential conflicts.

  • Dashboard reports provide valuable insights into performance indicators of backup and recovery, and more importantly, dashboards are interactive and customizable—allowing IT administrators to filter, change, and modify views.
  • Rapid root-cause analysis proactively identifies issues before they escalate into outages and data loss that hurt business operations.
  • Built-in predictive analytics engine provides trends and scenario-based modeling, potential scheduling conflicts and resource contentions, and the impact of new workloads on backup infrastructure (physical capacity, network load, and device load)—enabling better management and planning of backup resources.
Consistent recovery

Application owners manage their own backup and recovery based on the backup infrastructure the IT team defines.

  • Extensions for business applications include Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft SQL, Oracle, SAP, SAP HANA, IBM DB2, Sybase, and MySQL to provide application-aware backup and recovery.
  • Automated transaction log backup and truncation enables application recovery down to the exact point in time.
  • Micro Focus Data Protector Granular Recovery Extensions (GRE) enhance application management GUI with backup and recovery capabilities and provide application owners with a self-service option to search and recover single items.
Virtual server protection
Virtual server protection

Hypervisor integrations for virtual environment backup, recovery, process automation, and analysis.

  • Native integrations with leading hypervisors including VMware vSphere, Microsoft Hyper-V, and Citrix Xen deliver agentless backup and protection policy inheritance. 
  • Hardware-assisted agentless backup augments hypervisor-integrated agentless backup and uses storage snapshot integration to complete backup. By offloading the processing and movement of backup data from the hypervisor layer, Micro Focus Data Protector improves virtual machine and hypervisor performance and availability. 
  • Virtual machine power-on provides instant restore and access to virtual machines directly from backup repositories (Micro Focus 3PAR and Micro Focus Data Protector SmartCache). The Live Migrate feature migrates virtual machines to production environments while they are running.
Storage integrations and optimization

Array-based snapshot integrations provide zero-impact protection and rapid recovery. Compression, federated deduplication, storage management, and analytics deliver cost efficiencies and better use of the IT infrastructure.

  • Zero Downtime Backup software integration enables Data Protector to create, back up, and catalog space-efficient, application-aware snapshots. Instant recovery meets the strictest levels of service and recovery expectations by staging the desired number of snapshots on the storage array itself. With a storage array being the first point of recovery, applications can be recovered instantly.
  • Integration with Micro Focus StoreOnce Catalyst and EMC Data Domain Boost (DD boost) APIs provides deduplication options that can be deployed at the application source (client side), the backup server (media server), and/or at the backup target (target side).
  • SmartCache is an intermediary backup-to-disk target that can supplement standard disk-based backup appliances, tape, and cloud targets. All the snapshots, including those on SmartCache, are stored, cataloged, and ready to be moved to the backup target or kept ready for rapid recovery.
Disaster recovery
Disaster recovery

Centralized bare metal recovery from physical to physical, physical to virtual, virtual to virtual, and virtual to physical from any backup set at no additional cost.

  • Enhanced Automated Disaster Recovery (EADR) backs up application data as well as system data, including operating system files, drivers, and files required for the initial boot process. Enabled with a simple check box in the Micro Focus Data Protector GUI, EADR includes the necessary image information in full backups for a full system recovery.
  • No separate backup needed for recovery as disaster recovery images can be created from any existing file system or image backup including object copies, without needing to create a special backup for system recovery.
Standardized protection

A unified, flexible architecture enables centralized data protection across physical and virtual operating systems and critical applications from core data centers to remote sites.

  • Data Protector’s comprehensive support matrix covers data protection across a range of locations, applications, formats, storage platforms, operating systems, and hypervisors to a continuum of backup targets, including disk, snapshots, tape, and cloud.
Standardized protection
Information retention

For compliant, efficient long-term data retention, Data Protector provides automated retention and replication management across different backup media, storage tiers, and locations.

  • The tiered recovery architecture helps manage data protection on primary storage devices, SmartCache, disk-based backup appliances (both physical and virtual), tape, and cloud.
  • Automatic Replication Synchronization provides multiple options for restoring data and applications. Synchronization automatically shares metadata information between Cell Managers that manage two replicating backup devices (Micro Focus StoreOnce or EMC Data Domain appliances).
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