Data Center Automation

Automate enterprise-scale provisioning, patching, and compliance across servers, databases, and middleware

Data center automation for the digital enterprise

Listen as Rahul Tripathi, VP of Product Management, explains how DCA’s comprehensive approach to automation can stand up and secure any infrastructure, no matter size or complexity. The end result is often decreased costs, increased speed and efficiency, and improved security.

Shield 6
Regulatory and patch compliance and remediation

Scan, remediate, and visualize compliance risks and vulnerabilities in one tool, across server OS, databases, and middleware. Manage by policies and Service Level Objectives.

News 1
Market-leading out-of-the-box compliance content

Choose from factory-integrated patch bundles, remediation actions, and benchmarks for CIS, PCI DSS, SOX, FISMA, HIPAA, and more. Content customizable to meet enterprise requirements.

Point / Square
Enterprise-standard provisioning and configuration

Provision OS on bare metal and VMs. Deploy and configure databases and middleware instances, supporting upgrades, migrations, and code releases. Automate Docker-based Kubernetes clusters.

Out of the box
Multivendor support and integration

Integrate a heterogeneous data center, enabled by broad support for multivendor technologies, APIs, and factory-integrated orchestration. Also discover and manage open-source resources.

Container option for deployment

Deploy on container-based architecture for easy installation, effortless upgrades, and horizontal scale-out.

Infrastructure optimization

View performance, utilization, and capacity of virtual environments to identify inefficiencies and reduce sprawl.

Accelerate the Delivery of Compliant and Secure IT Infrastructure

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