Voltage SecureMail Cloud

Cloud Email Encryption

SaaS service for the protection of your most sensitive information and your email transition to Office 365

Protecting your mail, as a simple service
Protecting your mail, as a simple service

SecureMail Cloud is a multi-tenanted SaaS solution that enables businesses, partners, and their customers to protect email, files, and documents without investment in on-premises infrastructure.

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Ease of use

Voltage SecureMail enables decryption on desktop, web, and mobile, by both internal and external users and supports scanning and filtering for all inbound and outbound email.

Data-centric email protection

Voltage SecureMail encrypts data and attachments so that if a security breach does occur, the encrypted content is of no value to the attacker. Attachments are stored on internal not external servers.

Out of the box
No software required

Business users can initiate secure messages with the click of a button—including from the latest smartphones—and recipients never need to download software to read them.

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HIPAA, GDPR compliance

SecureMail is widely used in privacy compliance programs by healthcare, financial services, insurance, and enterprises in other highly regulated industries globally.

Cloud secure
Security on Office 365

Voltage SecureMail adds end-to-end encryption to Office 365, with flexible deployment options, additional compliance and collaboration features, ease of use, and full privacy in the cloud.

Branding and customization

SecureMail On-Premises Enterprise provides customized user experience and several administrative options for configuring the service.

SecureMail Cloud receives gold award review from MSExchange.org
SecureMail Cloud receives gold award review from MSExchange.org

“SecureMail (and SecureFile), is without a doubt a great solution that meets the security requirements of many businesses worldwide. The way it implements Identity-Based Encryption plus the fact it is so easy to use, makes it ideal for many, many organizations.“

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Advanced features for enterprises

Besides the proven SecureMail Cloud core capabilities, a range of robust enterprise-class features is available for SecureMail to enhance its compliance, integration, and usability capabilities.

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Advanced features for enterprises
SecureMail Scores 10/10 for email encryption
SecureMail Scores 10/10 for email encryption
“SecureMail provides compliant email options suitable for all businesses, whether for an accountant working alone or a large multinational financial organization. It integrates easily with existing infrastructure and provides a comfortable recipient experience. SecureMail requires few resources to deploy and maintain and satisfies eDiscovery needs. It has every angle covered.“
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SecureMail and Office 365
A transition to cloud-based Office 365 is top of the mind for most organizations—large and small—and so are the security concerns. Our new “Peace of Mind in the Cloud” eBook discusses the security issues associated with email and cloud-based office applications.
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SecureMail and Office 365

HIPAA compliance and SecureMail

Learn why SecureMail is widely used in HIPAA compliance programs, protecting sensitive data sent via email within the organization and to outside recipients.

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