ALM Octane

Enterprise Agile Delivery

Release high-quality applications at scale.

Plan for the hybrid app development environment

Take the first step in transforming to Agile. Within the Requirements module, host business cases and author-manage business definitions that drives product functionality in the backlog.

Develop multiple app release plans within context

Setup Team Agile projects for success. From Epics that speak to multiple features, deconstruct features into user stories with use of the Backlog module. Be ready to code more, wait less.

Manage backlogs across tens and hundreds of teams

Build quality code for the Enterprise Agile as application development progressively shifts left, by assigning tasks and mapping acceptance tests with use of the Team Backlog module.

Automate tests continuously for quality apps

From manual to BDD tests and regression test suites, automate tests for app quality continuously. In the Quality module, trace defects and integrate code changes for Enterprise Quality.

Retina scan
Visibility/traceability in the quality pipeline

In Enterprise DevOps, manage CI/CD with the Pipeline module for continuous quality app delivery. Embrace choice in the pipeline alongside DevOps integrations, with governance and compliance.

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Streamline workspaces for large, complex solutions

Define workspaces for individual users in the My Work module, and address assigned defects in the Defects Module. Use customizable views in the Dashboard module to stay connected.

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Succeeding in the journey to Agile and DevOps

Transitioning to Agile and DevOps is a journey that can’t be accomplished overnight. Micro Focus ALM solution provides the support you need at each step along the way.

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