Agile Manager


Plan your release

Get an overview of the primary interface, and learn how to plan your releases.

(7:39 Minutes)

Release management

Walk through the steps to coordinate your Sprint planning within a release.

(10:16 Minutes)

Application lifecycle intelligence

See how Application Lifecycle Intelligence (ALI) brings quality and dev teams together and gives visibility into builds and more.

(7:06 Minutes)

Interactive dashboard

Take a tour of the interactive agile project management dashboard and see how and where it displays all the information you need.

(2:55 Minutes)

ALM, PPM and Public API Integrations

See how the integration of ALM and PPM gives you complete lifecycle with portfolio planning and the ability to create your own integrations to ensure that you then build the right functionality.

(9:24 Minutes)

Applying SAFe

Support Agile development at a large scale. Watch this video to see how to apply SAFe methodology by using a SAFe Gold Partner that supports the 3.0 Framework.

(3:39 Minutes)

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