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Mobile App Monitoring

HPE AppPulse Mobile is a mobile app performance monitoring tool that tracks the real user experience of your mobile apps. Mobile teams receive actionable data to prioritize issues impacting the most users to achieve a 5-star app and code-level visibility to solve performance issues at the transaction level.

Redefining mobile user experience.



    AppPulse Mobile lets you know how your users REALLY experience your app — from the moment they tap, swipe, or stretch until their UI has finished. Know what they did and what happened.



    Focus on what matters. Identify problems that affect most users or critical functionality and allow your developers to focus on solving issues quickly.



    Actionable information that allows you to collaborate with your developers and improve customer experience.

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Half of Users Delete Slow Mobile Apps

Reduce the risk of losing customers to a poor digital user experience. Solve issues within minutes with this mobile app monitoring solution to give you an overall user experience score.

How AppPulse Mobile can make your applications standout.


FunDex delivers a unique mobile user experience benchmark index.  It's an easy to understand score that takes into account each negative application occurrence such as crashes and slow actions. Combining all of the key data points provides you with a great way to determine where you can improve performance and how happy your users are with your mobile application.

No code changes, tagless

Implementing AppPulse Mobile is an extremely simple process. You don't need to change code or add any tags so your release cycles can stay on track.

Crash analytics

Detailed data and crash analytics provide you the information needed to improve your application stability and avoid crashes in the future.  From the action users performed to the OS version used, all you have left to do is to make sure it gets fixed.

End-to-end transaction tracing

  • Trace transactions across distributed application tiers to show end-to-end transaction flows
  • See code-level detail for every user interaction, including time spent in methods and SQL statements and exceptions
  • FunDex Score

    The first-ever user experience score for mobile apps that gives you a top-level view of issues that negatively impact the user experience.

  • Crashes & Errors

    Know the number of users with crashes and the user actions with errors. Get detailed information like crash logs so developers can fix the problem.

  • Crash Trail

    Automatically captures all the user actions prior to the crash. 

  • User Flows

    Follow the user journey through the funnel of user interactions.  Know where they exited or abandoned the app.

  • Resource Usage

    Measure the percentage of battery life consumed per minute of app usage, by device type and app version.

  • End-to-end transaction flows

    Direct links to code, exception, and log details to solve performance issues at the transaction level.


The first-ever user experience score for mobile apps that gives you a top-level view of issues that negatively impact the user experience.

What Should You Look For in a Mobile APM Solution?

Join Gartner analyst Cameron Haight and HPE Vice President Roy Ritthaler in a 30 minute webinar to learn about the current trends and challenges in digital & mobile strategies and end to end monitoring.

Measure What Matters

Existing mobile app monitoring tools only measure parts of the user experience and often require time consuming code. Mobile APM with AppPulse Mobile is your answer. It measures what matters—app performance in actual UI response time—then gives you a single score—FunDex—that rates your user experience on a scale of 1-100. The end result: you know where you stand and what you need to do.

Proactively Measure and Guarantee Mobile App Performance

Mobile app performance is based on a myriad of variables, such as mobile device hardware, the network carrier, and business user or customer behavior. Use “Forrester’s Shopping Guide For Mobile Application Performance Management” to understand which core capabilities and features you should look for in a good Mobile APM solution.

Master the Mobile Moment

It’s the moment of truth: in the first second, people give your mobile app a thumbs up or a thumbs down. Learn what to look for in a mobile app monitoring tool to give them a great user experience and win the mobile moment.

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Ready to get started?
We're ready too! AppPulse Mobile is going to re-define mobile user experience and you can be a part of it!

There are just 3 easy steps to get started:

  1. Download the AppPulse Mobile Getting Started Package
  2. Add it to your app — no code changes or tags needed!
  3. Release your app update and start your journey to a 5-star app!


AppPulse Mobile: Setting up iOS Apps


AppPulse Mobile: Value Proposition


(3:53 Minutes)


AppPulse Mobile - Getting Started


AppPulse Mobile: Setting up Android Apps


AppPulse Mobile: Getting Started with Android Apps


(2:30 Minutes)


HPE AppPulse Mobile - Getting Started with iOS Apps


(2:32 Minutes)

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