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Enterprise Security

Enterprise security software and solutions that protect what matters most - your users, applications, data and the interactions between them, regardless of location or device.

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Protect Online 2017: Security at the speed of innovation

Join us at the security conference of the year — from the comfort of your home or office desk. Secure your spot and join us on September 11.

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Protect your digital enterprise

A global threat marketplace collaborates and innovates to attack organizations 24/7. Today’s digital enterprise needs a new style of protection. HPE draws on decades of enterprise security experience and powers much of the world’s security intelligence to uncover vulnerabilities, identify threats and neutralize them so that, instead of simply reacting, you can proactively counter your adversary.

Enterprise Security Solutions

Application Security

Fortify Application Security

Static and dynamic application security testing to find and fix vulnerabilities before they can be exploited.


Security Operations

Intelligent security operations software that provide broad visibility to find and mitigate threats more effectively.

Data Security

Data Security & Encryption

Protect, manage, and control access to sensitive data.

Vulnerability Research

Security Research

Innovative vulnerability research delivered as actionable security intelligence.

Enterprise Security Products

Know exactly what you need? Take a look at our entire Enterprise Security portfolio.

Trials and Errors of Security Operations

Read the 2017 State of Security Operations report to learn what works (and what doesn’t) for the world’s best SOCs. View the Infographic (PDF 6.25 MB)

(PDF 5.1 MB)

Intelligent Security Operations

Learn what it takes to build a successful SOC.

Are You Allocating Security Resources Effectively?

The SIOC capabilities tool simulates results to provide general guidance about the benefits of allocating budget across people, processes, technologies, and services.



HPE Security — protecting the digital enterprise

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Solutions brief

Manage risk and mitigate threats

(PDF 122 KB)


Five steps to protect against breaches

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White Paper

Securing Innovation

(PDF 252 KB)

Analyst report

Build and implement a digital protection strategy

(PDF 118 KB)

Analyst report

Market Focus: Companies cautiously optimistic about cybersecurity

(PDF 2353 KB)

Analyst report

Market Focus: The Curious Case of Enterprise Security Analytics

(PDF 995 KB)


Defending against SWIFT breaches

(PDF 251 MB)

White paper

Addressing compliance with HPE Security

(PDF 304 KB)


2017 State of Security Operations

(PDF 6.25 MB)

Services, Support, and Education

Enterprise Security Services

ESP Global Services

Make the most of your HPE security investments with proven methodologies.

Enterprise Security Consulting

Security Consulting Services

Consulting services to help you get most out of your investment in HPE security solutions.

Enterprise Security Training

Enterprise Security University

Expert instruction to optimize your security operations and your security investments.

Security Intelligence Services

Threat Defense Services

Uncover and implement targeted solutions to the biggest threats to your enterprise.

Security Operations Center

Security Intelligence and Operations Consulting

Achieve maximum capabilities in your security operations through people and process.

SIEM Use Cases

ArcSight Activate Framework

Deploy modular content and standardized use cases to implement ArcSight quickly and effectively.

Atalla Support

Atalla Technical Support and Training

Leverage our Atalla technical expertise and increase your own.

Customer Support

Software Support

Meet your IT challenges with industry-leading service and support.

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