ArcSight Investigate (Interim PDP)

ArcSight Investigate

Cyber Threat Hunt and Investigation

Proactive search and analysis software decreases unknown cyber threats and the impact of security incidents.

ArcSight Investigate Feature Overview

  • 10x faster search

    Execute hunt and investigation searches up to 10X faster and process advanced analytics immediately.

  • Easy data interaction

    ArcSight Investigate’s built-in analytics and familiar data grid simplify cyber threat analysis.

  • Security data lakes integration

    Data lakes integrated with Hadoop enable a complete view of security events.

Dynamic search interface

  • Automated dynamic suggestions guide your Security Analysts to create queries from day one.
  • Drag and drop filters or visual selection of event time ranges modify search results, further simplifying the investigative process.
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Threat visualization

  • Cyber threat visualization helps you quickly derive insights from massive search results and expose unknown threats.
  • Visualize data to identify patterns, anomalies, and relationships between events, and move rapidly from investigation to action.
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Security optimized dashboards

  • Charts and dashboards optimized for security investigation display key metrics at a glance for your analysts, allowing them to continuously monitor investigations in progress.
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Move Rapidly from Investigation to Action

Learn how to find and resolve threats more efficiently than ever.

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We're bringing the speed of analytics-driven investigation and the power of real-time correlation at scale together for the first time.


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