Vertica for Predictive Analytics

Vertica for Predictive Analytics

Vertica for Predictive Analytics

Vertica for Predictive Analytics

Accelerate and operationalize large-scale machine learning and statistical analysis to gain deeper insights and understanding into today’s rapidly evolving data volumes.

Predictive Analytics Powered By Vertica


Designed for data scientists, the HPE Vertica Advanced Analytics Platform powers petabyte-scale workloads with the widest array of advanced analytics. Access rich analytics in your favorite languages and tools, including R, Python, and Apache Spark.

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To power your most challenging predictive analytics initiatives, HPE Vertica Advanced Analytics includes a range of built-in analytic functions and tightly integrates with R, Python, and Apache Spark. HPE Vertica helps you prepare and load data in seconds, build predictive models with advanced algorithms, and easily deploy those models for in-database scoring. As a result, HPE Vertica accelerates large-scale machine learning, statistical analysis, and graph processing, while enabling data scientists to use their existing statistical packages and preferred languages.

Key Features

Quickly Load, Explore, and Prepare Data

Leverage integration with third-party and open-source databases, data management tools, and data analytics packages. Depending on your preference or development skills, you can use HPE Vertica SDKs to write custom C++, Java/Scala, Python, or R code. Also employ the columnar architecture to significantly reduce and simplify data loading, exploration, and preparation times for large volumes of data. Use FlexTables and open source tools such as vertica.dplyr to explore and prepare semi-structured and structured data.

Analytic Functions

Greatly simplify the writing of complex queries. Meet complex analysis requirements and reporting tasks with a few lines of standard SQL code and without writing thousands of lines of code in NoSQL frameworks. Utilize a wide array of in-database analytical functions such as; sentiment, geospatial, Monte Carlo, and more.

Build Predictive Models on Big Data

Quickly build predictive models that can perform analysis on large datasets by scaling machine learning algorithms with parallel programming and User Defined Extensions (UDx).

In-database Scoring

Deploy predictive models and build scalable, high-performance in-database scoring functions. Enable DBAs to use standard SQL queries to make fast predictions, and business analysts and decision makers to gain faster access to prediction results by leveraging out-of-the-box integration with industry-standard BI platforms.

Secure Data

Eliminate the need to move data to an external analytical tool to perform predictive analysis. Store machine-learning models created in R, Python, and Apache Spark for predictions, and apply them to existing data or new data as it is streamed into the database.

Criteo and HPE: Empower the Data-Driven Organization

Leading performance advertising company Criteo targets ads to 1.1 billion internet users per month with pinpoint accuracy with the predictive analytical power of HPE Vertica.

Analyze Your Data With the Free Vertica Community Edition

Fully experience the HPE Vertica Analytics Platform at no cost and with no time limit! Manage and analyze up to 1 TB of data across three nodes, on premise or in the cloud, for an unlimited time, and explore dark data sitting in semi-structured formats across your organization.



Machine Learning with Vertica


Predict Lending Club Loan Portfolio Returns Using Looker and HPE

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HPE Delivers Predictive Analytics at Big Data Scale


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