Vertica in the Cloud

Vertica in the Cloud

Vertica in the Cloud-why

Vertica in the Cloud

Big Data analytics in the cloud, delivering speed without compromise and scale without limits, and giving you full control over your cloud infrastructure.

Vertica Analytics Anywhere on Multiple Clouds

See this real-world demo to understand how you can run Vertica easily on AWS and Microsoft Azure using your choice of data visualization environments and core data replication capabilities.

Delivering Enterprise-class Big Data Cloud Analytics for Any Size Organization

With HPE Vertica in the Cloud, you can immediately access high-performance, enterprise class data analytics for all of your data so you can make informed decisions at the speed of your business. Packed with the most comprehensive set of features and functionality, Vertica manages massive amounts of data quickly and reliably, giving you near real-time analytics insight. Vertica enables you to perform queries much faster than other cloud analytics solutions, without breaking your budget.

HPE Vertica Community Edition – Install this freely available, fully functional edition of the HPE Vertica Analytics Platform on industry-standard hardware and analyze up to 1 TB of data across three nodes for an unlimited time.

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HPE Vertica Amazon Machine Image (AMI) – Prefer to run HPE Vertica in the cloud? Simply install your HPE Vertica Community Edition license on AWS hardware, taking advantage of our popular “Bring Your Own License” model to the cloud.

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Key Features of Vertica in the Cloud

Blazing Fast Analytics

Columnar storage allows you to perform advanced analytics—including sentiment, geospatial, and predictive—faster by reading only the data that’s critical to your query.

Massive Scalability

Innovative parallel processing architecture allows you to infinitely scale your solution by adding low-cost nodes.

Open Architecture

Integration with other programs and tools is crucial to maintaining the best data environment. Seamlessly connect to Apache Hadoop, R, and a range of ETL and BI tools.

Stores More Data per Server

Store 10 to 30 times more data per server than row databases, cutting disk I/O overhead and making indexes and materialized views obsolete.

Enterprise-wide Storage

Store and access all your data no matter where it resides in your enterprise—whether it is on Apache Hadoop, in databases, or in the cloud.

On-time Business Intelligence in the Cloud

Vertica manages massive amounts of data quickly and reliably in the cloud, giving you near real-time business intelligence for advanced, Big Data cloud analytics. Vertica is available on Amazon Web Services and other leading cloud platforms.

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Typical Use Cases

  • Communications and Service Providers - SMS, MMS, video, email, and mobile conversations create unique, detailed records. Analyze it properly, and it will help you to understand the behaviors and expectations of your subscribers so you can make informed decisions.
  • Financial Services - Petabytes of financial market and services data is stored on a daily basis, and the massive number of applications, data elements, and regulatory requirements leads to a "perfect storm" of information.
  • Web 2.0 and Gaming - Capturing mouse-clicks, understanding relationships, and monetizing those behaviors is the apex of analytics. Real-time engagement based upon empirical data is critical to the success of gaming and web 2.0 companies.
  • Healthcare - Data regarding patient care, insurance claims, prescriptions, etc. is growing at a staggering rate. You need a solution that addresses the volume and complexity of your data in near real-time to improve the quality and effectiveness of your services.

Read the "Database in the Cloud Benchmark: HPE Vertica and Amazon Redshift".

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