Database in the Cloud Benchmark: Product Profile and Evaluation - HPE Vertica and Amazon Redshift - Cloud Analysis on Big Data Warehousing Solutions

Read this cloud analysis paper for a benchmark of HPE Vertica and AmazonǏ_s Redshift, two relational analytical databases based on massively parallel processing (MPP) and columnar-based database architectures.

Big data analytics platforms load, store, and analyze volumes of data at high speed, providing insight. This data is structured, semi-structured, or unstructured from a variety of sources. Data-driven organizations are leveraging this data analysis to market new promotions, for operational efficiency, and to evaluate risk and detect fraud.

Relational analytical databases in the cloud are poised to expand dramatically. The cloud offers high-performance and scalable opportunities to differentiate and innovate with these database systems at a much more rapid pace than ever before.

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