Mobile Testing: High Performance Android App ebook, by Doug Sillars

A key component for Android device is the Network performance. According a mobile performance survey done by Dimension Research group, 70% of mobile app performance is related to network.

Chapter 7 Ǐ_ Network Performance: Unique and clever ideas are important when building a hot-selling Android app, but the real drivers for success are speed, efficiency, and power management.

In this chapter - author Doug Sillars explains:

  • The differences between data radios on mobile devices and its relationship
  • Simple fixes that will gain huge improvements
  • How to test your app for different network environments to ensure your app performs well under diverse conditions.
  • The tools to profile your appǏ_s network usage

Discover how the right mobile testing and network virtualization solutions can help you build high performance android apps and enhance the user experience quicker.

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