Employee Resource Groups

Our global employee community is one of our greatest strengths

We're proudly creating a culture of inclusion to celebrate all that makes us unique.  ERGs are volunteer communities that come together to ignite our culture and fuel the values of our company. Members often participate in activities including professional development, networking, mentoring, community and educational outreach and product support. In addition, you’ll find many of our ERGs sparking interest in equality events, community service, and heritage celebrations.

Here at Micro Focus, we recognize 9 major employee groups that allow us to build a supportive and collaborative global community.

Black Employee Network at Micro Focus
Black Employee Network

BEN is committed to promoting career and leadership development opportunities with a focus on employees who self-identify as Black or African-American.

They are also focused on educating youth and exposing them to career opportunities in the technology industry.


DataGals seeks to provide opportunities for networking, mentoring, volunteering, and learning to women working in Big Data at Micro Focus worldwide through virtual and on-site connectedness. 

DataGals at Micro Focus
PRIDE Network at Micro Focus
PRIDE Network

Pride provides support, networking opportunities and activities that raise awareness about the LGBT+ community here at Micro Focus.


SHINE seeks to unite, inspire, and empower women to reach their full potential, both personally and professionally by creating a strong network that fully supports career development, engagement, and advancement.

SHINE at Micro Focus
Veterans Employee Resource Network at Micro Focus
Veterans Employee Resource Network

A professional network made up of employees that have served in the Armed Forces and their Allies that have interest in supporting this mission - To support Veterans, Veteran causes, and aid in the recruitment, transition and retention of new Veteran hires

Virtual Chapter Lead: Julio Hernandez

Your Employee Network

YEN is for the young and young at heart. Our group seeks to empower and support employees by providing meaningful professional development, learning, and growth opportunities.

Your Employee Network  at Micro Focus
Hispanic Employee Network at Micro Focus
Hispanic Employee Network

Educating and connecting Micro Focus to the Latino/Hispanic community. Providing professional development and networking opportunities for members and allies.

Pan Asian Employee Network

Dedicated to promoting awareness of Asian cultures through networking opportunities and events designed to enhance the professional and personal development of its members.

Pan Asian Employee Network at Micro Focus
Accessibility Network at Micro Focus
Accessibility Network

Committed to helping Micro Focus enhance accessibility and support experiences for customers and employees. Provides information and networking opportunities for employees dealing with disabilities of their own or others.

Discover Inclusion and Diversity at Micro Focus

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