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Fortify Static Code Analyzer

Fortify Static Code Analyzer identifiziert Sicherheitslücken in Ihrem Quellcode früh in der Softwareentwicklungsphase und bietet Best Practices, damit Entwickler sicherer programmieren können.



Improve scan times, get results faster, and accelerate the time it takes to get software into production by helping developers improve their programming productivity with incremental scanning.


Supports a wide variety of development environments, languages, platforms, and frameworks to enable security reviews in mixed development and production environments.


Guided by the largest and most complete set of security coding rules that are expanded and automatically updated by the Fortify Software Security Research team.

Easy to Use

Integrate into any environment through scripts, plugins, and tools so developers can get up and running quickly and easily.

Scales to any Application

With support for the most programming languages, Fortify SCA identifies the risk in all types of applications and scales with the growing demands of the business.


Fortify Software Security Center is a centralized management repository providing visibility and reports for your entire appsec testing program. Dashboards highlight the risk in your applications and helps to review, manage and track your security testing activities, prioritize remediation efforts and control your software portfolio.

Reducing Security Risk By Building Better Software

HPE Security Fortify Static Code Analyzer (SCA) is used by development groups and security professionals to analyze the source code of an application for security issues. SCA identifies root causes of software security vulnerabilities, and delivers accurate, risk-ranked results with line-of-code remediation guidance, making it easy for your team to address serious issues first.

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Getting Software to Production Faster

Businesses require innovative ways to accelerate the SDLC. Fortify SCA offers incremental scanning which deliver faster scan times and results, improves productivity allowing for more scans, and keeps you competitive by releasing applications faster.

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Taxonomy of Software Security Errors

To help developers understand the common types of coding mistakes that lead to security vulnerabilities, Fortify's research team created The Seven Pernicious Kingdoms, which unifies the organization of vulnerabilities and maps them to industry standards.

Visibility to your application security program in one centralized management repository

Transparenz für Ihr Programm zur Anwendungssicherheit in einem zentralen Management-Repository

Fortify Software Security Center bietet Transparenz für das gesamte Programm zur Anwendungssicherheit, damit Sicherheitslücken in dem Softwareportfolio beseitigt werden können. Es nutzt die Leistung der Anwendungssicherheitsdaten über SDLC hinweg, indem es die Effizienz und Genauigkeit und den Wert mithilfe von Dashboards und Berichten misst.

State of Security in DevOps

Application Security and DevOps Report 2016

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Data Sheet


Build better code with early security testing


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Solution Brief


Secure your enterprise software with Fortify SCA


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