Big Data OEM Software

OEM-Software für Big Data

Big Data OEM Software

OEM-Software für Big Data

Integrieren Sie die HPE Engines für Big Data-Analysen, um die komplexen OEM-Geschäftsanforderungen auf Unternehmensebene zu erfüllen.

HPE Big Data is Purpose Built for OEMs

Softwareanbieter, die VerticaIDOL oder KeyView integrieren, gewinnen Auszeichnungen und/oder werden übernommen! Optimieren Sie Ihre Anwendungen, um aussagekräftige Informationen zu ermitteln, mit denen Softwareanbieter mehr Umsatz generieren und engere Kundenbeziehungen schaffen können.

HPE Big Data-Lösungen für OEMs


Better monetize and retain subscribers through quality of service and targeted content delivery.


Drive more real-time supply and demand, fraud, demand response and asset management.


Provide more real-time price and inventory management.


Recommend the best doctors and diagnoses on the clinical side and enable hospitals to operate more efficiently on the operations end.


Better understand the customer base and where to invest time and resources. See how customer experience insights drive new business advantages for Attensity.

How HPE Big Data Delivers Value to OEMs

Mit HPE Vertica und HPE IDOL, zwei zentralen Komponenten der HPE Big Data-Plattform, können Benutzer 100 % aller Kundendaten erfassen, verwalten und analysieren. Nutzen Sie das Potenzial dieser leistungsfähigen Engines oder setzen Sie sie als „Blackboxes“ ein, um Kunden mit detaillierten Informationen zu beeindrucken, die plötzlich zur Verfügung stehen. Kombinieren Sie Hunderte von Dimensionen, Attributen und Datenquellen in Echtzeit mit der spaltenbasierten SQL-Datenbank von Vertica, leiten Sie kontextbezogene Sprach-, Video- und Datenanalysen in IDOL ab und öffnen und filtern Sie Tausende von Dateitypen in KeyView

Growth Opportunities for OEM

Boost your new products—and your bottom line—by embedding the Big Data analytics platform that was tailor-made for OEM, gives you a faster path to product delivery, and gives your customers the best tools for better, data-driven decision making. Read the OEM Whitepaper.

(PDF 333KB)

Accelerate Application Development with HPE IDOL

HPE IDOL and HPE KeyView accelerate the production of robust data-centric software solutions built for the world of Big Data, tailor made for OEM. The IDOL platform arms our OEM business partners with data analytics capabilities that help them understand and uncover trends, patterns, and relationships from unstructured data, while KeyView provides essential file filtering and extraction. Learn more in this white paper about the HPE OEM program, licensing options, and the support provided.

(PDF 1880KB)

Three Reasons DPI Vendors Choose to OEM Vertica

Carriers, government agencies and enterprises rely on Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) to make sense of the huge influx of data streaming into their networks from a security, network, device, application and customer experience perspective. One of the largest DPI vendors has embedded HPE Vertica into their data warehouse offering. Find out what’s so special about Vertica for DPI vendors in this blog post.

HPE Haven Startup Accelerator Program

The HPE Haven Startup Accelerator is a program for early-stage companies and OEM partners that are racing to build best-in-class Big Data solutions. This program allows startups to tap directly into the power of the HPE Big Data platform when building data analytics solutions for their customers.

Get the Vertica Community Edition for Free!

Gain access to all the features and functionality of HPE Vertica (no cost and no time limit). Manage and analyze up to 1 TB of data across three nodes for an unlimited time. Join the MyVertica community and access downloads, documentation, FAQs, user forums, and other helpful resources.

HPE Big Data OEM Testimonial

Listen to this on demand webcast and hear how Procera Networks uses Big Data to improve network performance with HPE Vertica.


Case study

Accelerate Sell-through Analytics to Improve Retailer Insights

(PDF 1.27 MB)


The Future of BI as a Service with GoodData and HPE Vertica


Big Data’s Big Payoff Arrives for Attensity


How Dasher Technologies Changes the Game for Big Data Value

Web event

Analyze and Optimize Network Performance for On Demand Video

(June 28, 2016 )


Consumer Retail Behavior Analysis from InfoScout relies on HPE Vertica


GoodData Analytics Developers on What They Look for in Big Data Platform


Spirent Leverages Big Data to Keep User Experience a Winning Factor for Telcos


INOVVO Delivers Analysis that Leads to Greater User Retention and Loyalty

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