IT4IT Value Chain


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IT4IT Value Chain

A reference architecture operating model from The Open Group that delivers services better, faster, cheaper, and with less risk by using value stream mapping to automate, orchestrate, and transform the IT value chain.

HPE and IT4IT make Shell go “Wow”

Only HPE offered Shell the total solution for using the IT4IT™ standard to drive an IT transformation journey and increase innovation.

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7 Reasons IT4IT™ is Good News for IT

Can IT4IT help a CIO show real progress on running IT more like a business and less like a rodeo? Find out the 7 reasons why IT4IT is changing IT culture and performance.

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Meet the IT4IT Value Chain

Improve user experience and architect for better business insight by adopting the four IT4IT value streams for Plan-Build-Deliver-Run. Read the "Next Generation IT Operating Model" eBook to understand the value.

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Manage the Business of IT

The Open Group IT4IT standard is a durable and flexible IT operating model that better manages the business of IT. It will help you to keep pace with technology innovations, innovate for digital business, and manage risk. Users from the CIO to an IT practitioner can use IT4IT to start an IT transformation. Here is how:

Control Tool Proliferation

Map your application portfolio to the IT4IT standard to quickly identify and eliminate costly duplication and disruptive gaps in your IT value chain. Learn the fundamentals in an HPE IT4IT Training.

Access Functional Maturity

Assess your current state against the IT4IT future state. Book an HPE IT4IT transformation workshop to identify low maturity functions at the root cause of service delivery inefficiency or failures.

Plan the IT Roadmap

Assess HPE Operations Management solutions as a cost-effective accelerator for automationorchestration, and transformation.

Better UX and Insights

Accelerate delivery and make it easier for users to find and consume services by taking an IT4IT approach to brokering services.

Automate Plan, Build, Deliver, Run

Improve the quality, interoperability, and automation of each of your 4 IT4IT value streams—Plan, Build, Deliver, Run. Download the HPE Reference Implementation Concept and Configuration Guides for IT4IT Value Streams.

What's New in IT4IT

HPE and IT4IT™ guide Rabobank IT merger to success

Rabobank chooses HPE IT4IT strategy and implementation services for their merger. Learn how they improved IT agility, business continuity and their ability to map IT investments to business value.

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Get Certified in IT4IT

Advance your career. Be one of the first in the IT industry to become IT4IT certified. Take the IT4IT Foundation Course.


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IT4IT Shifts IT to a Value Oriented Culture

Learn how IT4IT provides a structured, standardized way to always think about—and deliver—business value.

Key Steps for Successful Cloud Services

Think your Cloud initiative plan is solid? Read this IT4IT Reference Architecture blog to see how IT4IT alignment will improve the durability of your Cloud strategy and execution.



Why the new IT4IT Reference Architecture is a game changer


Little Known Story of IT4IT Origins


Accelerate using IT4IT Value Stream Reference Implementations


Join the IT4IT Discussion Forum


7 Reasons Why IT4IT is Good News for Enterprise IT


The Open Group IT4IT Standard


Get certified for IT4IT. Advance your career.


IT4IT Quick Preview


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