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File analysis software to access, understand, classify and control all enterprise information. Accelerate compliance and information governance with legacy data clean-up to reduce redundant, obsolete, trivial and dark data.

Identify, Access, Connect, Clean Up, and Control Data Across Enterprise Systems

Identify, Access, Connect, Clean Up, and Control Data Across Enterprise Systems ControlPoint helps you achieve information compliance by making it possible to not only access information, but also understand, classify, and reduce outdated and unnecessary legacy dark data content.

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Take the pain out of information governance by leveraging HPE ControlPoint’s visual interface and robust analytics. Clean up legacy data and automate records declaration to clear your pathway to the Cloud.

Key Benefits

  • Clean up legacy data: Shine a light on dark data that is sitting unmanaged in email repositories, file shares, and SharePoint sites to save significant storage costs and gain better access to valuable information.
  • Automate records declaration: Minimize the cost and risk of declaring records to be managed in a records management system for long-term governance.
  • Intelligently migrate to the Cloud: Analyze vast amounts of enterprise data and intelligently migrate targeted information to Cloud-based repositories for improved security, user access and lower overall storage costs.
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Quantifying the Value of ControlPoint for Unstructured Data

Learn to quantify the value of ControlPoint file analysis software for unstructured data management with this model from ESG showing 450% ROI.

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VON ARDENNE Improves Control of Business Critical Data

German coating equipment specialist, VON ARDENNE, needed to take better control of decentralized data, and other business critical intellectual property. HPE provided the answer increasing search efficiency and data protection while reducing costs.

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The International Criminal Court Boosts Its Capacity For Big Data

Learn how ControlPoint provides the ICC with the clear understanding and insight it needs to efficiently and effectively organize and control its information to help the court provide a timely response to judicial requirements, minimizing the duration of the high profile cases it tries. Watch the Video

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Control Your Enterprise Content with HPE ControlPoint


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Case study


Dodd-Frank Compliance Critical to Bank


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Press release


HPE Tackles Big Data Management and Governance Challenges


Case study


The International Criminal Court Boosts Its Capacity For Big Data


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The International Criminal Court Customer Testimonial


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