HPE FlexCare Portfolio

HPE FlexCare Portfolio

Software Support is changing, are you ready?

The digital landscape is rapidly evolving and an expanded, flexible software support portfolio is crucial to address changing business needs. Download our infographic to learn how industry leaders are tackling new business challenges and succeeding in this fast-paced environment.

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HPE FlexCare Support is an advanced and flexible support offering from Hewlett Packard Enterprise Software Support. HPE FlexCare helps you achieve greater value from your HPE Software investment by increasing uptime and improving the performance of your software IT environment. HPE FlexCare support simplifies your overall technical support experience by providing a single point of contact for software support. They offer faster response times, a quicker route to ROI, shorter Service Level Objectives (SLO’s), and offers onsite support so your focus can shift from day-to-day maintenance to innovation.

Get to Know HPE FlexCare

      Get to Know HPE FlexCare

Benefit From Our Experience

Today’s IT environment is complex and time critical and you need proactive software support available at your fingertips. HPE Flexible Care Support Services (FlexCare) provides a flexible portfolio of support services designed to help you support and optimize your HPE Software products and drive maximum value.

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"HPE FlexCare provided exactly the proactive element we were looking for. The Enterprise services Manager ensured we had the right level of technical support, working on our behalf to source the appropriate resource and they helped identify potential risks and downtime."

Oded Shein, program manager, Amdocs Management Information systems IT

Tailor HPE FlexCare Support with Optional Add-ons

Additional optional services are available at any time throughout the life of your support contract, using a combination of pre-purchased HPE FlexCare Credits along with a menu of flexible add-on services. You can use HPE FlexCare Credits to augment core HPE FlexCare Support Services on demand and extend your HPE Software Enterprise Support services.

You may choose to purchase the credits upfront or as you go; you can also have credits included with the HPE FlexCare Bundles. You choose and request the service(s) using the HPE FlexCare menu below. HPE FlexCare credits are purchased per year and must be used within each support contract year.

FlexCare Credit Menu Services

HPE FlexCare Deliverables (Credit Menu System) 
On Demand – Support, mentoring, best practice packagesPrerequisite services – Enterprise, Standard or Foundation Support
Complex Environment Extension Add-onPrerequisite services – FlexCare NASE/TAM (excludes: ESM & AGSM)
Yearly Support – Scalability packagesPrerequisite services – FlexCare NASE, TAM, ESM or AGSM
Yearly Support – Complex team add-onPrerequisite services – FlexCare NASE, TAM, ESM or AGSM

Yearly Support – Advanced Packages

Prerequisite services – FlexCare NASE, TAM, ESM or AGSM
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Data Sheet

HPE Software Enterprise Support

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Data Sheet

HPE FlexCare

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Data Sheet

HPE FlexCare Credit Menu Services

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HPE Software Customer Support Handbook

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Online. On-site. On your side.

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