Backup Navigator

Backup Navigator

Enhance Data Protection with Analytics and Insights

HPE Backup Navigator provides IT staff with an intuitive and interactive dashboard with over 100 reports based on key performance indicators (KPIs) related to backup and recovery operations. Find out more about HPE’s backup monitoring and reporting software in this brochure.

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HPL Backup Navigator ist ein Zusatzprodukt für Data Protector, das die Herausforderungen der Optimierung der Sicherungs- und Wiederherstellungsumgebungen angeht. Backup Navigator nutzt Analysen, um Sicherheitslücken zu identifizieren, Probleme beim Backup und potenzielle Ressourcenkonflikte zu finden und zu lösen. Er bietet eine rasche Analyse des Ursachen der Probleme und führt eine datenorientierte Planung für künftige Kapazitätsanforderungen durch. Dies führt zu einer zuverlässigeren Backup- und Wiederherstellungsumgebung, die flexibler und effizienter ist und eine bessere Unterstützung der Geschäftsstrategie eines Unternehmens bietet.


Intelligent Dashboards

Customizable and interactive dashboard and reports provide insights into 75+ key performance indicators related to backup and recovery operations. Immediately identify inefficiencies within the backup operations and the unbalanced use of backup resources, and uncover failures before they are exposed in the recovery process. Customize and tailor reports to match the specific needs of the operator, organization, team or administrator to enable decision making and trigger appropriate actions.

Real-time Predictive Analytics

Visual insight into the backup and recovery process based on daily use, along with trending and forecasting algorithms reveal future performance and capacity gaps and requirements specific to your data set characteristics, infrastructure capabilities, and organizational requirements.

Rapid Root-cause Analysis and Problem Solving

Potential resource conflicts and systematic/systemic issues can be proactively detected and addressed before they cascade into outages and data loss that negatively impact business operations.

Collaboration and Cross-system Support

Report creation can be automated, scheduled, and shared with stakeholders within the organization, or securely isolated and made available to external customers who rely on the backup and recovery service. The same information can be exported in a variety of formats for inclusion into other organizational systems.

"What-if" Scenario Evaluation

Intelligent insights into current backup and recovery operations before new datasets are included in the process can identify whether or not service-level agreements would remain achievable, identify impacts to the backup infrastructure (physical capacity, network load, device loads, etc.), and reveal the best ways to balance the demands of new datasets within the existing infrastructure.

Multi-cell and Multi-tenant Environments

In environments that require more than one Data Protector Cell Manager, Backup Navigator can generate reports that present data across cells, with each report scoped and ran across multiple cells. For service providers or large, geographically dispersed organizations that require multi-tenant support, Backup Navigator can generate specific reports per tenant and provide a separate auditing report that includes charge-back information.

Backup Navigator Screenshots

  • Analyze the Data Protector infrastructure, locate and troubleshoot problems, and simplify usage in multi-cell and multi-tenant environments with Backup Navigator.

  • Predict future resource needs so that they can be addressed before they happen.

  • Find errors reported for any session with Backup Navigator’s drill-down functionality. For example, find the VMs with the highest number of failed sessions to discover root cause.

  • See how much new capacity will be needed in the future to properly backup your data, based on current de-duplication rates.


Analyze the Data Protector infrastructure, locate and troubleshoot problems, and simplify usage in multi-cell and multi-tenant environments with Backup Navigator.

Optimize Your Backup Environment with HPE Backup Navigator 9.50

The newest version of Backup Navigator supports all the features of the just-released Data Protector 9.08, the most comprehensive solution for backup and recovery. Read this blog post to find out about new features of both.

Test Drive Backup Navigator

Backup Navigator is an interactive dashboard that provides backup and recovery monitoring and reporting of Data Protector environment, and easily get insight about your Data Protector backup infrastructure. This trial offers 60 days of functionality with no user restrictions. You must have Data Protector to use.

On-demand Webinar: Backup with Brains

With analytics at the forefront of business transformation, IT professionals can now leverage analytics-based tools to improve IT operations including backup and recovery. Watch Stephanie Balaouras, Forrester’s VP and Research Director, discuss how products like Backup Navigator can provide IT organizations with more insight into their backup processes, so that they can improve the accuracy of backup capacity requirements, increase backup and restore success rates over time and provide better governance, oversight, and metrics.



Enhance Data Protection with Analytics and Insights


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Trial Software

Backup Navigator Trial

Web Event

Forrester Insight: Backup With Brains


Optimize Your Backup Environment with HPE Backup Navigator 9.40

White Paper

Analytics-Driven Backup and Recovery


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Real-time Monitoring for Microsoft System Center Operations Manager


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