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Mobile app monitoring for developers

A mobile app monitoring solution that lets you isolate issues in real time and drill down to find root cause so you can continually improve the user experience.

Crash analytics

Capture, prioritize, analyze and reproduce all crashes experienced by your users. Get the full visibility you need to debug your system or validate your fix by leveraging the automatic user action trail.

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UI performance

Measure the application response time of all user actions and app launches, as perceived by the user, from the moment they click the UI until it has rendered. Identify slow requests that affect the user experience.

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Erfassen Sie die HTTP-Fehler in Ihrer mobilen Anwendung automatisch. Finden Sie die Ursachen der verschiedenen Fehler heraus, die bei einer einzelnen Benutzeraktion auftreten, und erkennen Sie die Zusammenhänge.


Focus on what really matters to your users by measuring battery capacity and cellular data used per minute and per user/day. Improve your app resource consumption by breaking down the usage into device, OS, user action and domain.

Codeless user flows

Automatically capture all user actions and screens of all user sessions without code tagging. Simply view the user flow analytics reports to identify how users use your app, which features are used the most, and where and why they exit your app.

Visibility in production – know when and why it crashed
Visibility in production – know when and why it crashed

Isolate issues with your mobile app in real-time and drill down to the root cause. Continuously monitoring in production brings visibility into the real user experience so you can improve app quality. Know what your users are doing on your app and the problems they encounter with performance, stability and resource usage issues.

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Monitor the real user experience

Let AppPulse Mobile rock your world by keeping track of your app’s real user experience. Take this brief video tour to see how AppPulse Mobile makes it easy to measure the mobile user experience, focus on what matters to your users and continually improve your app.

Überwachung mobiler Anwendungen auf Codezeilenebene zur Optimierung des Benutzererlebnisses

Identifizieren Sie Schwachstellen, die sich auf die Qualität und Benutzererfahrung Ihrer mobilen Anwendungen auswirken. AppPulse Mobile ist ein mobiles APM, das die Funktion FunDex enthält – eine individuelle Qualitätsbewertung für Ihre mobile App. Mit ihrer Hilfe erkennen Sie, wo Schwachstellen auftreten, und identifizieren die Ursachen, indem sie Ihnen Kennzahlen zu Performance, Stabilität und Ressourcenverwendung liefert. Mit den erweiterten Isolierungsfunktionen lassen sich Probleme innerhalb der Programmierung erkennen und der Zeitaufwand zum Optimieren der mobilen Anwendung verringern. Erleben Sie die Überwachung mobiler Anwendungen, ohne dass Codierung und Kennzeichnung erforderlich sind.

Get tutorials, code, Use cases and more
Get tutorials, code, Use cases and more

App performance, stability and usability matter. A lot. Failure in any one of these results in lost revenue, lost customers, poor app ratings and user churn. Access the webinar hosted by AppPulse Mobile experts.

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Easy setup

See how easy it is to begin gathering big data analytics that can help you monitor and improve your mobile app’s user experience.


Follow all user actions leading up to crashes in your mobile app. Know where they went from the point of launch and where they tapped or swiped screen-by-screen leading up to a crash.

Performance monitoring

Discover whether the source of mobile app performance issues is a server-side, network or client-side issue by correlating user actions with metrics like HTTP response time and time to first buffer.

Error tracking

Detect the exact error message presented on the UI that the user sees. Automatically capture HTTP requests that failed and use an SDK to report what went wrong in your code.

User flows

Learn how to automatically follow a user’s journey screen by screen. Know where they entered and exited your mobile app and every issue that happened along the way.

Battery usage

Monitor battery-hogging mobile apps from the user’s point of view. See what percentage of battery life is consumed per minute of use. Minimize battery drainage to improve the user experience.

Wrap your app – get actionable data in minutes

Start monitoring your mobile app immediately. Simply wrap your app with the SDK provided with AppPulse Mobile. Start your trial now and begin receiving actionable data to improve your mobile app quality before deploying it to production. It’s simple. Sign up, log in, add AppPulse Mobile and monitor away. But first, watch this simple video for more information.

Video for iOS (2:35)

Video for Android (2:32)

A single mobile app quality score
A single mobile app quality score

Prioritize the most important issues and fix them before your users delete your mobile app. Use a single mobile app quality score to gain a top-level view of the health of your app and any user experience problems. Save time by isolating the root cause of performance, stability and resource usage issues.

Try AppPulse Mobile for free

Monitor all aspects of your mobile app’s user experience with actionable metrics on UI performance, stability, and more. Try it for free!

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